Where Did All This Game News Come From!?

If you have been following our blog for a while you know I posted an update stating news would be slim to none when it comes to video games. the demands of a 9-5 job left limited time to consistently write those articles and instead of insulting you with spotty coverage I decided it was time to focus on editorials and other content with more substance. For the most part this all is still the case but seeing as every Monday night at 7:30 we put on a little podcast called the Digital Reload I felt we needed to do something a little more than just the recording that is posted up the following day.

So starting today every Monday all the news we will be covering on Digital Reload will be up on the site for your reading pleasure. That way you have a head start on what to expect on our show (at least as far as news goes) it’s an evolution of sorts from the preview article I used to try and throw up Monday afternoons. So be sure to check out today’s Gaming News and then be on spreaker at 7:30 as you hear us discuss these topics among other things.


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