Fantasy Movie League Week 23

  1. 1.21 GigaWATTS: 236 Points (The Avengers(Done), Dictator(Done), Magic Mike(Done), The Watch(Done), Hotel Transylvania)
  2. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain: 210 Points (Battleship(Done), Snow White (Done), Lincoln Vampire Hunter(Done), Dark Knight Rises(Done), Finding Nemo 3D(Done))
  3. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain II: Electric Boogaloo: 198 Points (Chernobyl Diaries(Done),Rock of Ages (Done), Ted(Done), Amazing Spider-Man(Done), Expendables 2(Done))
  4. Team Harpo’s Harpies: 165 Points (Dark Shadows(Done), MIB III(Done), Ice Age: CD(Done), Taken 2)
  5. Joseph Park Sucks: 150 Points (Prometheus(Done), Brave(Done), The Campaign(Done), Frankenweenie)
  6. Fang McFrost: 98 Points (Madagascar 3(Done), Step Up 4(Done), Resident Evil Retribution)
  7. Patty Hearst Syndrome: 97 Points (Total Recall(Done), Bourne Legacy(Done), Looper)


This week ends the season for The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain as Finding Nemo 3D reaches it’s 30 day limit. That parks the team at 2nd place with a 45 point lead over the next closest active team, Team Harpo’s Harpies. Speaking of them they had another strong weekend from Taken 2 despite negative reviews and could see the sequel pass the $100 Million mark. 1.21 GigaWATTS maintains their lead as Hotel Transylvania does indeed pass the $100 Million mark which gives them a 71 point cushion as we approach the final stretch. There are 6 films yet to release for teams with the next one coming this weekend in Fang McFrost’s Paranormal Activity 4. From there October goes quiet before we hit the final month and heavy hitters like Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 step up to the plate.


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