Fantasy Movie League Week 24

  1. 1.21 GigaWATTS: 245 Points (The Avengers(Done), Dictator(Done), Magic Mike(Done), The Watch(Done), Hotel Transylvania)
  2. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain: 210 Points (Battleship(Done), Snow White (Done), Lincoln Vampire Hunter(Done), Dark Knight Rises(Done), Finding Nemo 3D(Done))
  3. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain II: Electric Boogaloo: 198 Points (Chernobyl Diaries(Done),Rock of Ages (Done), Ted(Done), Amazing Spider-Man(Done), Expendables 2(Done))
  4. Team Harpo’s Harpies: 175 Points (Dark Shadows(Done), MIB III(Done), Ice Age: CD(Done), Taken 2)
  5. Joseph Park Sucks: 152 Points (Prometheus(Done), Brave(Done), The Campaign(Done), Frankenweenie)
  6. Fang McFrost: 111 Points (Madagascar 3(Done), Step Up 4(Done), Resident Evil Retribution(Done), Paranormal Activity 4)
  7. Patty Hearst Syndrome: 98 Points (Total Recall(Done), Bourne Legacy(Done), Looper)

No position changes this week as one new film comes out, others remain, yet none with a big enough weekend to make a jump. October is now wrapped for the league as no new films hit until November 2nd. The final month quickly approaches and only one team really remains to have the possible strength to challenge our leader. Patty Hearst Syndrome still has Twilight and Skyfall waiting in the finds to release. Other teams still have films remaining but it’s hard to tell if any will have the poise to leap anyone to first place. A dark horse may emerge! but only time will tell.


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