Uh Oh, Quarter 2 of 2012 Didn’t Look So Good for Sony


It sounds like the woes continue for Sony and Q2 earnings were reported and boy were they bowling shoe ugly. A net loss of 15.5 Billion Yen ($198 Million) was reported and the gaming division saw a year over year loss. This is a 42.6% hit compared to Q2 of last year, but an improvement over their losses from Q1 of this year ($312 Million). Income from the Playstation division was a year-on-year decline of 23.3% as the company moved 1.4 Million less PS2s and PS3s. The company’s two handhelds clocked in at 1.6 Million for Q2.

Expected console movement from Vita handhelds took a 6 Million cut, as Sony now projects to move 10 Million, though home consoles still see their projections maintaining to their original numbers of 16 Million. It’s not all bad as software sales saw a slight increase for both consoles and handhelds as PS2/PS3 titles went from 40.2 Million to 41.4 Million and Vita/PSP increased from 8.2 Million to 8.7 Million.

It’s a concerning bit of news for the one time king of the videogaming world, though don’t expect Sony to become the next SEGA just yet.


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