Black Friday Deals Approved For Your ASS!

Black Friday is quickly approaching! and with it a ton of gaming deals for big 2012 titles that you may have waited on. Instead of searching a bunch of pages and sections and a million Black Friday sites, we consolidated it all for you right here in this article.. don’t say we never did anything for you.

So who are we covering? This article centers around Sears, Kmart, Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy! As of this writing GameStop has yet to post their deals, but when they do we will have them up here for your reading pleasure. Lets start with Sears!


  • XBOX 360 4GB Console with Kinect: $219.99. Purchasing this Console also qualifies you for 50% off featured titles (Epic Mickey 2 and Assassin’s Creed III shown in the circular, more options in store)
  • Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort: $99.99
  • Nintedo 3Ds: Red, with Super Mario 3D Land: $169.99

Hardly anything in the realm of games unless you buy a console, and shockingly one of the only retailers not doing a deal on the Playstation 3. The Nintendo 3DS offer is not as good as other stores (as you will soon see) so nothing much here. The Wii is a good deal if you are looking to get a console for your kids, but don’t want to spend the $200 + for a 360/PS3/ Wii U.

*Note* Sears will open Thanksgiving night, but there are no exclusive deals for games that end before Black Friday.

Kmart Time!


  • Nintendo 3DS w/ Super Mario 3D Land: $169.99
  • Nintendo Wii w/ Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort: $129.99
  • Nintendo DSi: $79.99


  • Dishonored: $29.99
  • Dance Central 3: $29.99
  • Super Mario 3D Land: $29.99
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2: $29.99
  • Mario Kart 7: $29.99
  • EA Titles: Madden 13, FIFA 13, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Need for Speed Most Wanted: $20 – $39.99 each (individual prices not listed)
  • Lego Batman 2 (Wii): $14.99

Thanksgiving Day Specials

This year a few stores will be open on Thanksgiving and have deals that only run for those few hours before the Black Friday Deals take place. Kmart is one of them, here they are.


  • XBOX 360 4GB System with Kinect: $199.99


  • Borderlands 2: $34.99
  • Max Payne 3: $8.99
  • Forza Horizon: $39.99

These above are ONLY on Thanksgiving, the rest of their game deals stretch into Black Friday. Kmart is certainly better than Sears, cheaper XBOX, better individual game prices, and big titles like Borderlands 2, Dishonored, and Need for Speed.

Toys R Us!


  • Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, Bonus Lego Remote, and $10 Dollar Gift Card: $129.99
  • Nintendo 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land and 3DS Headset: $169.99
  • Playstation Vita Wi-Fi with Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified and 10-in-1 Vita Essential Pack: $199.99
  • Playstation 3 Super Slim 250GB Hard Drive Infamous/Uncharted Bundle w/ Bonus Air Flow Controller: $199.99
  • XBOX 360 4GB Kinect Bundle with Bonus Air Flow Controller: $249.99


  • All Wii U Games: Buy 1 Get 1 40% Off
  • Select DS, 3DS, Wii, XBOX 360, and PS3 Titles: Buy 1 Get 1 for $1
    • Above includes big titles like Dishonored, Need for Speed, Sleeping Dogs, and MORE
  • Skylanders Giants Starter Pack (360, Wii, 3DS): $49.99


  • XBOX 360 Wired Mad Catz Controller: $16.19
  • XBOX 360 Afterglow Controller: $17.99
  • XBOX 1st Party Wireless Controller: $29.99 (Only Black Controller shown, not confirmed if other colors are also on sale)
  • Radium PS3 Wireless Controller: $20.99
  • Pink Nerf Armor for 3DS: $9.99
  • Dualshock 3 Controller (Blue & Black) (PS3): $32.99
  • 3DS Carry All Case/Kit: $14.99

Toys R Us usually does unique pricing on games and some of their options are not bad. Mainly look at this one if there are games from earlier in the year that you initially skipped and want to play catch up. Accessories are also plentiful, especially 1st party controller for PS3 and 360. This is also the first place to offer a Vita bundle below regular retail cost, might be a good time to get one.



  • Nintendo 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land: $149.99
  • Playstation 3 Super Slim 250GB Infamous/Uncharted Bundle: $199.99
  • Playstation Vita Wi-Fi with Lego Batman: $199.99
  • Nintendo Wii w/ Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort + Just Dance Kids 2: $119.00
  • XBOX 360 4GB Kinect Bundle: $199.99


  • Assassin’s Creed III: $59.99 w/ Free $20 Gift Card
  • Borderlands 2: $35
  • Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Wii): $35
  • Forza Horizon: $59.99 w/ Free $20 Gift Card
  • Halo 4: $59.99 w/ Free $20 Gift Card
  • Just Dance 4 (Wii): $39.99 2/ Free $10 Gift Card
  • Madden NFL 13: $35
  • Max Payne 3: $25
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter: $35
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted: $35


  • XBOX 360 Wireless 1st Party Controller: $36
  • PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller: $39
  • 1600 Points Card (XBOX 360): $10

Big titles for $35 is a fair and expected price, also offering a bonus on newer titles is a smart move, but AC III is cheaper at other locations even if you think of the gift card as getting $20 bucks off. Good deals on consoles and the 16oo point cards for $10 is down right awesome if you plan to get any season passes. Target has some good prices, though they can be some of the most mobbed locations based on their one stop shop selection.

Best Buy!


  • XBOX 360 250GB Holiday Bundle: $199.99
  • Nintendo 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land: $149.99
  • PS3 250GB Console Bundle (Same as Previous Bundles Listed): $199.99
  • CoD Black Ops Declassified Playstation Vita WiFi Bundle: $199.99


  • Assassin’s Creed III: $34.99
  • Battlefield 3 Premium Edition: $29.99
  • Borderlands 2: $34.99
  • Dance Central 3: $24.99
  • Darksiders II: $29.99
  • Diablo III: $34.99
  • Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two (Wii): $29.99
  • FIFA Soccer 13: $34.99
  • Forza Horizon: $34.99
  • Just Dance 4 (360): $24.99
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: $14.99
  • Madden NFL 13: $34.99
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter: $29.99
  • Mortal Kombat (Vita): $14.99
  • Skylanders Giants Starter Pack (Wii): $49.99


  • XBOX 360 1st Party Wireless Controller: $34.99
  • Sony Dualshock 3 Controller: $34.99
  • Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset (PS3): $34.99
  • Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset (X360): $34.99

Solid pricing from Best Buy as they usually have some strong deals and plenty of stock on the games to boot. Also a good selection of discounted console bundles if you are in the market for any. Not to mention the only place to discount Turtle Beach headsets in time for Black Ops 2



  • Nintendo DSi XL: $99.96
  • Playstation 3 160GB Console w/ Uncharted and Infamous: $199
  • Nintendo Wii: $89
  • XBOX 360 4GB Console w/ Skylanders Starter Pack: $149
  • XBOX 360 Dance Bundle (4GB Console, Kinect, Disneyland and Kinect Adventures + 2 Controllers): $229


  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown: $25
  • WWE 13: $25
  • Twisted Metal: $25
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: $25
  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier: $25
  • Skyrim: $25
  • Amazing Spider-Man: $25
  • MLB 12: The Show (PS3): $15
  • NBA 2K13: $25
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted: $25
  • Madden NFL 13: $25
  • Pokemon White Version 2: $29.96
  • Pokemon Black Version 2: $29.96
  • Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: $10
  • Skylanders Giants Starter Pack (Wii): $38.96
  • Spec Ops: The Line: $15
  • Street Fighter X Tekken: $19.96
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2: $25
  • FIFA 13: $25
  • Forza Horizon: $15
  • Just Dance 4: $25
  • Lego Batman 2: $15
  • Little Big Planet Karting: $25
  • Max Payne 3: $15
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter: $25
  • 007 Legends: $25
  • Assassin’s Creed III: $38.96
  • Battlefield 3 Premium Edition: $25
  • Borderlands 2: $25
  • Dance Central 3: $15
  • Dishonored: $25
  • Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two: $24.96
  • Fable The Journey: $15

*NOTE* The majority of the titles you see for $15 – $25 are beginning at 8PM Thursday Night. No telling how Walmart will organize this, last year they just left the games out for people to grab, they just couldn’t ring out until Midnight. It could be hectic with the high amount of games they have on sale. They are the only location with XCOM, WWE 13, and Tekken Tag 2 on sale.


  • Playstation Dualshock 3 Controller: $39.96
  • CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Wireless Headset (360): $25
  • XBOX 360 1st Party Wireless Controller: $39.96
  • XBOX Live 3 Month Card: $11.96


The largest selection of newer titles at solid prices and controllers at prices similar to other locations. Only catch is a good bit of these start at 8PM Thursday, putting an early start on your BF shopping. Walmart also has a spotty history on how they handle these events, one year being efficient and organized, and other years letting people take what they want hours before they go on sale. Be diligent and safe in your holiday shopping.

Most importantly keep your eyes peeled on AMAZON. Many years they match a good bit of the in store pricing and have tons of stock, making your shopping night one stop, and avoiding all forms of lines. They have lightning deals going on now, but their best stuff will be on the very day. Best of luck gamers!


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