Fantasy Movie League Week 28

  1. 1.21 GigaWATTS: 258 Points (FINAL TOTAL)
  2. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain: 210 Points (FINAL TOTAL)
  3. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain II: Electric Boogaloo: 200 Points (FINAL TOTAL)
  4. Joseph Park Sucks: 193 Points (Prometheus(Done), Brave(Done), The Campaign(Done), Frankenweenie(Done), Wreck-It Ralph)
  5. Team Harpo’s Harpies: 189 Points (Dark Shadows(Done), MIB III(Done), Ice Age: CD(Done), Taken 2(Done))
  6. Patty Hearst Syndrome: 160 Points (Total Recall(Done), Bourne Legacy(Done), Looper(Done), Skyfall, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2)
  7. Fang McFrost: 124 Points (Madagascar 3(Done), Step Up 4(Done), Resident Evil Retribution(Done), Paranormal Activity 4(DONE))

What a difference a week makes, as the last huge release of the year hits for our season position changes a plenty take place. Wreck-It Ralph has put Joseph Park Sucks into 4th place and depending on performance this following weekend, it could move them into 3rd. The film as two weekends left before reaching it’s 30 day max so it’s unlikely to get the points necessary to compete for the lead but should make for a strong finish. Meanwhile Patty Heart Syndrome is looking to sky rocket up the chart as they now sit in 6th and are looking strong to move further as Skyfall and Twilight rack up huge points and  bonuses. 99 points would need to be obtained for them to take 1st and they have until 12/16 to get these points and claim the championship. It’s gonna get real interesting in these closing weeks.

This weekend will see the final two films come out for our season as Team Harpo’s Harpies places their season on Rise of the Guardians and Fang McFrost hopes to make a strong finish with Red Dawn. Best of luck to the remaining active teams


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