Valve Says Living Room PCs Are Coming as Soon as 2013

In a small interview held during the Spike TV VGA’s Gabe Newell has taken the stance that living room PCs are coming and PC gaming will become a viable competitor for next generation consoles. Speaking to Kotaku Newell said Big Picture Mode for Steam (the feature that redesigns Steam for TV’s and allows controllers to operate the program, also giving access to gamers’ controller friendly games) was a bigger success then they expected and is the first step in seeing a PC fit for the living room, loaded with Steam as a viable competitive option to next gen’s XBOX and Playstation. Getting Steam on Linux is also a big goal of Valve’s in order to make such a device a reality.

Games over the past year to year and a half have seen their PC versions running a hell of a lot better than they do on consoles, showing the age of current gen systems and causing a re-emergence of PC gaming that has been headed by Steam. Having a device capable of running the service’s entire library and readily equipped to be hooked up in your living room certainly sounds like something that can make Sony and Microsoft worry. Given all this information and the customization options available to such a device, could you become a PC gamer in the next year?


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