Want Every SNES Game Ever Made? Do you Have $25,000?



Do you still own a Super Nintendo? Have you ever had a game during that time that you always wanted but never got to have? Now is your chance to get it.. along with every other SNES game ever released in the US, Mexico, and Canada. That is a total of 721 games, all in their original box, with 85% of them also having instructions and 100% of them guaranteed to work. This is a collection of a hardcore gamer who took a few years to accumulate this total to back them up onto his computer.

Now the goal is to sell this collection off in order to build a complete collection of every SNES game released in the UK and Japan. Ebay sellerĀ kaisetsuna has the price of $24,999 set as a “Buy It Now” but is also taking offers on Ebay and other sites. If you dreamed of having all these games and have 25K to piss away than what are you waiting for?

Here is the Link!


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