Disney is Taking Skylanders to A Whole New Level



Today Disney has thrown their hat into the collectible figure video game market that has only been dominated by Skylanders for the past year and a half. Disney Infinity is a multiplayer sandbox game featuring characters from every thinkable Disney and Pixar franchise. While the total list isn’t confirmed it’s safe to say characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, Monster’s Inc, Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph, The Incredibles, and more will be featured. The game is like Skylanders is all characters will be represented by figured with multiple toys for each franchise. Putting the toys onto the game’s portal unlocks that franchise’s world and allows you to explore it (though you can only explore that world with it’s own characters, Buzz Lightyear can’t go to Monster University).

This all sounds just like Skylanders until you hear about the game’s toybox mode. This is where the idea takes an ambitious and exciting twist. As you add characters to your game and place them in your toybox collection you add them and their worlds to your toybox mode and are able to create huge and vast worlds in which to play and explore. It will also have adventure missions and a tutorial to give you a better understanding of the capabilities. Building in this game has gotten a lot of comparisons to Minecraft while WHAT you can create is easily compared to Little Big Planet. Want to go into toybox mode and create a cart racer? Go ahead, The logic editor allows you to make side scrolling games, top down games and various other creations.

The game will retail for $75 as a starter pack that includes Jack Sparrow, Sully, and Mr. Incredible. Other characters will be available for $13 and the game itself launches in June. Check out the trailer below



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