J.J. Abrams to direct STAR WARS


That’s right this guy in the photo above is now going to direct the other Star franchise. He already has Star Trek: Into Darkness coming out this year on May 18. But now after Lucas Films new president Kathleen Kennedy courted Abrams for about 2 months finally landed him. This is also after he stated last month he had  no interest in directing Star Wars.

Movie site The Wrap also said Ben Affleck was in the mix to direct the film but now it is a moot point. As far as Abrams relationship with Paramount going forward will be interesting since he has been with them since he directed Mission Impossible III.

The one note of caution here is the recent story about Zack Snyder directing a separate, stand-alone Star Wars film, which was first reported by the Vulture only for Snyder’s reps to say it wasn’t true, even as Vulture stood by their sources. Lucas Films is obviously being secretive with the Star Wars films as negotiations have been going on with directors, so we’ll all be waiting to see when they officially comment on this report that Abrams is the guy making The Movie We’re All Waiting For.



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